Energy, Development and EITI: Improving coherence of EU policies towards Nigeria

By Madeline R. Young

Policy Brief No 4 - November 2009

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This policy brief is based on collaborative fieldwork in Nigeria by FRIDE, Oxfam International, and Nigerian civil society coalition CISLAC. This Policy Brief seeks to establish whether the Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI) is a suitable partner with whom the EU can work with to advance its development goals in Nigeria,  It lays out a series of recommendations in terms of its future engagement in the country. 

About the author:

Madeline R. Young, researcher at FRIDE, focuses her investigations on governance, human development in Sub-Saharan Africa, and international corporate social responsibility. In 2009, she conducted two fieldwork projects for FRIDE and in collaboration with Oxfam International, the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre in Nigeria, and the Integrated Social Development Centre in Ghana on the synergies between State institutions, the impact of multinational corporations in the extractive industries, and the implication of civil society in the EITI process.

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